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Our philosophy at Green Planet Catering is for you to reset your standards on what catered meals taste like and leave you feeling good about the choice you've made.The staff and management team at Green Planet Catering are focused on delivering high quality catering services that feature foods that are locally grown, pesticide and hormone free, and meet your high standards of quality. Food is our passion, sustainability is our mission, and professionalism is our approach. 

You will experience excellent food and service, but the reason your event will stand out might be because of what happens behind the scenes.

Many of our more commonly-grown produce items are grown at our home office or on our shared, sustainable education farm site (a partnership with NC State University). Supplying our own products provides the ability to control the way items are planted, grown, and harvested to ensure no harmful chemicals or pesticides are used during your event.

When you order from Green Planet Catering, we'll arrive in one of our biodiesel powered trucks. Our delivery vehicles run on reclaimed kitchen fryer oil to cut down on CO2 global warming emissions. We are proud partners of Piedmont Biofuels. Through a fairly simple process, a waste product can be transformed into a clean burning petroleum alternative. Our used fryer oil is picked up and we receive credit for donated oil which keeps our price per gallon cheaper than at the regular pumps!

If you choose to avoid renting china and glassware, we can offer you paper and plastic products that are compostable or biodegradable. If you decide you love these products we can even supply these products for companies who would like to provide eco-friendly paper goods and packaging in their place of employment, for your home, or even for your church.

After your event you will not have to worry about the waste. Your delivery driver will sort the trash after your event to make sure waste is either composted or recycled. Our employees take pride in recycling, donating to food banks and worthy causes, and choosing trade free, eco-friendly goods when ever possible. GPC chooses to partner with like-minded companies who strive to keep sustainability a part of their mission.

Green Planet Catering is committed to operating a business that not only benefits the community in which we operate, but the world in which we live.

All of this...just to make your event a success!