Company Overview:

Green Planet Catering is focused on offering sustainable catering solutions for every style of event. Whether the client knows it or not, each event will be delivered by one of our biodiesel powered trucks, their event will have very little waste (we compost everything), and the ingredients in each dish will be designed to focus on what is coming out of our gardens and from local farms around the Triangle. GPC handles approximately 500 events per year. We’ve won countless awards for our dedication to “green” practices and use of local/seasonal food. Our team is a small and mighty group of career hospitality managers/chefs.

Available Positions:

Events & Sales Manager: We are interviewing for one of the most pivotal jobs at our company, Events and Sales Manager. This position requires 3-5 years of previous experience managing a large book of clients, creating new sales avenues, running a variety of event styles ranging from basic box lunches to large private events, and a dedication to top notch customer service.

The ideal candidate contains a particular personality and mindset where every customer is the most important client we have. Highly detail oriented and organized people make the best planners. If you’ve ever been “controlling” or “anal-retentive” about an event you’ve run…you’ll probably fit right in. Having an established network in the Triangle region of NC is important but we would consider relocation.

Each day and week will bring new challenges and a constantly changing schedule. We live and die by the event calendar. However, a sample workweek might look like this:

Monday: Return calls/emails from weekend, write quotes for clients whose events are coming up soon, attend networking event

Tuesday: Visit venues where we can host events, drop in on potential new clients, lunch with your friends, and a phone call with a rental company about an upcoming wedding. More quotes to send or work on.

Wednesday: Staffing workers for the upcoming events, meet with entire team, go manage an evening event

Thursday: Inventory alcohol, work with team drivers to make sure they are delivering events appropriately, write more quotes, collect payment info from current clients

Friday: run errands for weekend events, go by and do early drop of equipment for Sat wedding, set room for Saturday wedding event

Saturday: spend the day checking off list of details to be done for big event that day. Confirm staff times one last time, run last minute errands, check on lunch deliveries from earlier in week and that day, run flawless wedding, help staff clean up

Sunday: recover


The pay is a hybrid model of part salary, commission on Food & Beverage sales, and hourly rate while onsite at events. We’ve only had three Sales & Events Managers in 8+ years and, at our current pace, the yearly wage works out around $50,000 per year. You’ll receive two weeks of paid vacation (if you can pull yourself away from work that long) and the benefit of countless rounds of leftovers from events. There are opportunities available to earn additional income.

Misc Details:

Our team is always on the run. Therefore, we’ve designed our systems to be online/cloud based so each team member can see all of the details from anywhere. Communication is key because adjustments happen often in this industry. Knowledge and previous experience of Sales Force, Google based systems like Calendar and Gmail, all social media outlets, and Quickbooks online are a bonus.

All of this means that there isn’t a set “office” to work out of. You’ll meet with clients in a variety of places, host tastings at the catering kitchen (or at our restaurant in downtown Raleigh – The Pharmacy Cafe), and probably work from home quite a bit. The main phone line rolls to our Sales and Events Manager’s cell phone. If you aren’t great at managing your time, this style of work isn’t for you.

Please send your resume to along with a cover letter and three examples of events you’ve hosted and managed. We’ll also be calling upon your references so please be sure to include those.

For more information about us please visit